Monday, February 25, 2013

Color Study: Yellow

Being in a drab environment is depressing to me.  The days without sun here have been too many this winter.  Once again, I find myself looking for beauty to override the gloom outside.  Today I've posted random photos that I've taken over the years... the only thing they have in common is that they focus on the color yellow found in nature.  

For some reason, yellow makes me think of heaven.  I guess because God is described as being bright like the sun.  It's no surprise to me that when the sun shines warmly on my face on a cool day, I feel like God is sending me His love.  As I write this, the gray outside is lifting and a bit of glorious blue sky is being unveiled.  Time to wrap this up and go outside in search of some sunlight to warm my face.  

I pray about all kinds of things.  Once I prayed that God would help me to take beautiful pictures while on our coastal vacation.  This is the result of my prayers.  Awesome!!

 Fall leaves are an obvious place to look for yellow.  I never tire of the visual variety that fall has to offer.

One day, my husband sliced the tops off of some bell peppers.  The patterns we found inside were intriguing.  I had to photograph them.  I love how God hides beauty in unexpected places for us to find.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Color Study: Red

Winter is such a bleak time of year.  The sky has been gray for days here.  The landscape seems drab and gray too.  I found myself craving color yesterday, and all the gray outside was driving me crazy!  So I started looking through our photos from 2012.  I was intrigued to discover the variety of shots I took that focused on one or two colors.  For fun, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.  I'll start with the color red.

Ah, spring, please come soon!  We do have a few primroses unfolding in the backyard now.

While reading the book 1000 Gifts, I was inspired to look for beauty everywhere.  I found it in unexpected places, like inside these humble strawberries.

Last Valentine's Day I received a dozen roses from my son.  So sweet!

Tomatoes freshly picked from our garden in September.

We have a beautiful maple tree that creates a gorgeous display of fall colors.  I love the red leaves most of all.