Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just some ramblings...

We've been home from China for a week now.  I've mostly been huddled inside my house with my little family just trying to keep everybody fed and in clean clothes.  Today I thought I had the energy to venture out for a while.  I took baby M with me on some errands.  She was so good and just hung out in the front pack while I wandered the stores.  We were gone for about 90 minutes.  At the last store, I suddenly was very tired.  Either I'm seriously out of shape, or haven't recovered from our travels as well as I thought!  Tonight we had scrambled eggs w/ chicken sausage and Costco muffins for dinner.  It's the first meal I've made since we've been home.  Thankfully, we have been well fed by my family and MOPS group.

So, after overcoming exhaustion, how do you make life work with two kids?  I'm not sure yet.  Seems like routine is going to be my mainstay.  When it's just me at home, DVDs and entertaining toys are very helpful for taking care of one child while the other is kept busy.  K got color changing cars (from the movie Cars) for Christmas.  You dip them in warm or cold water to make them change color.  Those keep him engrossed for a long time.  M is not crawling or walking yet.  The exersaucer is a favorite with her.  We tried the Johnny Jump-up today and she mostly hung out in that and twirled around.  However, she was content enough for me to take a shower.  Right now, she's happy to just roll around on the floor on her tummy.  She's figured out how to roll in all directions and there's no telling where she'll end up.

Well, it's time for M to have a bottle.  K is busy with Daddy.  Life is so much easier with both parents home!  Please share your survival tips for caring for two solo.  My husband heads back to work next week.